RedMoon Pet Food


Why RedMoon

Your pet is more than just a dog or a cat; they’re a best friend, a family member and a reason to smile every day. RedMoon gives you the power to improve your pet’s health through a customer created diet of all-natural and fresh ingredients. Quality nutrition is the ultimate expression of love and thanks you can give the pet that’s always there for you.

Every pet is a one of a kind.

Their food should be too.

We recognize each pet’s uniqueness and how that uniqueness extends to dietary needs. As an owner, you should have the flexibility to select your pet’s nutrition to help them through the challenges like allergies, sore joints or digestive troubles that will occur during their lifetime. With us, you’ll be able to select formulas tailored to your pet’s dietary needs that contain only fresh, all-natural ingredients.

Carnivores aren’t big on grains like wheat, corn or soy. Neither are we. RedMoon is also gluten free.

Despite their adorable and cuddly moments, it’s important to remember your beloved dog or cat was once a wild animal. In fact, their digestive systems still are wild, making it essential to a pet’s health to eat the food nature intended. Developed by PhDs in animal nutrition, our formulas are packed with real cuts of meat and whole, raw fruits and vegetables. Common pet allergens like wheat, grains, gluten, corn and soy are nowhere to be found in RedMoon Pet Food or RedMoon Treats.

Pet food that never sits on a shelf. We are fresh.

At RedMoon, we don’t believe that a truly healthy pet food can sit on a warehouse shelf for months at a time. We are committed to fresh food, and your bag of RedMoon Pet Food does not sit in a warehouse for months. Our guaranteed freshness means guaranteed delicious taste and optimal health for your pet.