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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to covering various topics from our food quality to our shipping and refund policies. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact our support team.

About Our Pet Food

What happened to RedMoon custom created pet food?

We must inform you of some very important changes that were implemented to the way we serve you and your pet. As our RedMoon business grows, it has now become apparent that our existing model that allows our customers to customize their pet’s diet is not in compliance with government labeling guidelines for pet food. What this means is we are now required to have pre-printed bags showing the final formulas. Although this may seem like a drastic change, the changes will bring several benefits to you and your pet.

Instead, we have now launched RedMoon 1337 pet food formulas to replace our old model of customizing with supplements. RedMoon 1337 carries with it the spirit of customer created and still demonstrates our belief in collaborating with our customers. Our RedMoon 1337 formulas represent what most of our customers have already custom created and are by far the most popular recipes. To earn RedMoon 1337 status, the formula had to be created and selected by our existing customers 1337 times without negative feedback or issuing a refund.  Over 90% of our existing customer created formulas include just supplementation for digestion, skin & coat, and joint health. That is why RedMoon 1337 formulas will be loaded with prebiotics & probiotics for better digestion, salmon oil for a healthy skin and coat, and Glucosamine/ Chondroitin Sulphate for hip and joint health. You will be no longer required to customize your pet’s diet and ordering will be easy. We also listened to you in regards to packaging.

Going forward, the RedMoon 1337 formulas will be available in re-sealable 7 LB fresh packs. You can now order in multiples of 7 Lbs right up to 49 Lbs for ease of handling and increased freshness. Please give the RedMoon 1337 a try. Most of you will find that feeding RedMoon 1337 will be essentially unchanged from what you are currently feeding your pet.

Is RedMoon pet food human grade?

​​As human beings, we would eat any single ingredient in our pet food! The FDA does not allow us to call pet food human grade nor refer to our pet food products as human grade. For example, when we buy salmon it is the same salmon that humans would eat but it is cut differently so it is not human grade. The FDA does not allows us to use this term. However, all our ingredients could be fed to humans individually but we make no claim that our products are human grade as they are intended for pets, and they are formulated for pets.

Where are the ingredients in RedMoon pet food sourced from?

​​Our philosophy is to purchase quality North American ingredients from the same distributors that sell human grade ingredients and nothing from China. We manufacture in both US and Canada. Currently, about half of our ingredients come from Canada and half from the US.

My pet has allergies. What is the best option for this?

​​Redmoon's 1337 Chicken and Turkey Recipe for cats is packed with only the freshest ingredients. We don't add grains, glutens, soy or fruit! And for your dogs our RedMoon 1337 Chicken and Yellow Pea Recipe is also packed with the freshest ingredients, grain, gluten, soy, wheat and corn free! Our pet foods were created for pets with allergies in mind.

Does your pet food have preservatives? And how long will it last?

​​Our foods are preserved naturally with mixed Tocopherals. To ensure the quality and freshness of your pet food, make sure it is kept in a dry, cool place. Your pet food will last 12 months from the production date.

What are Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Prebiotics help to support your pet's naturally occurring beneficial bacteria. This helps improve the intestinal flora of dogs and cats. When that occurs, your pets’ intestines are more efficient at absorbing nutrients from their food due to higher levels of mucosa and greater absorptive surface area. The good stuff in your pets’ food will not go to waste since it will be better absorbed.

Probiotics contain a blend of live/viable naturally occurring microorganisms recommended to help support a healthy digestive tract and maintain a healthy immune system. The “good bacteria” also provide easy-absorbable energy to help pets digest food and absorb nutrients, antioxidants, and iron. In fact, the addition of Probiotics to your pets’ food can help stop diarrhea, stimulate firm stool, and reduce inflammation if your pet has Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD).



Where is my order history?

​On November first 2012, we launched our website upgrade and unfortunately we were not able to move over your personal profile data from the previous site due to coding stability. If you have kept a copy of your previous invoice, you can find your order information to create the food again. Alternatively, we have a customer history data base in our office. Please contact our office to get this information.



How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

​Whether you live in the USA or Canada, please allow 7 - 10 business days to receive your order so that you never run out. If your shipment is past 10 business days please contact our office and we can track your package for you.


Waggers My Little Lion and My Little Wolf treats

How many calories are there per treat?

​​There is a major problem in regards to pet obesity in North America with over 50% of our dogs and cats being over weight. Our pets have been consuming too much sugar and carbohydrates and diets low in quality proteins and high in grains. Waggers has a mission to allow pet owners the satisfaction of giving their pet a treat without contributing to overweight issues. My Little Lion cat treats have less than 1.3 calories per treat and My Little Wolf dog treats have less than 2.7 calories per treat.

What percentage of fresh proteins do you use in your pet treats?

​​Whether it is Salmon, Turkey, Tuna, or Chicken, we push the limits on adding plenty of fresh proteins and making sure that over 40% of the treat formula is from fresh proteins.

Where are My Little Lion and My Little Wolf pet treats made and where do the ingredients come from?

​​My Little Lion cat treats and My Little Wolf dog treats are made in the the USA using ingredients sourced from US suppliers and nothing is included from China.


Feeding Guidelines

Feeding Guidelines For Dogs

Weight Of Dog Active Less Active
5kg = 11lbs 90g = 3/4 cup 60g = 1/2 cup
10kg = 22lbs 160g = 1 1/3 cups 120g = 1 cup
20kg = 44lbs 270g = 2 1/4 cups 180g = 1 1/2 cups
30kg = 66lbs 360g - 3 cups 240g = 2 cups
40kg = 88lbs 450g = 3 3/4 cups 300g = 2 1/2 cups
50kg = 110lbs 540g = 4 1/2 cups 360g = 3 cups

Feeding Guidelines For Cats

Weight Of Cat 1 1/2 - 4 Months 5 - 8 Months 9 - 10 Months 11 - 12 Months Adult
1kg = 2lbs 55g = 1/3 cup 30g = 1/4 cup 20g = 1/4 cup 20g = 1/4 cup 20g = 1/4 cup
2kg = 5lbs 110g = 3/4 cup 60g = 1/2 cup 60g = 1/2 cup 55g = 1/3 cup 50g = 1/3 cup
3kg = 7lbs 165g = 1 1/4 cups 90g = 3/4 cup 70g = 1/2 cup 65g = 1/2 cup 60g = 1/2 cup
4kg = 9lbs - 120g = 1 cup 95g = 3/4 cup 85g = 2/3 cup 75g = 2/3 cup
5kg - 11lbs - 150g = 1 1/4 cups 120g = 1 cup 100g = 3/4 cup 90g = 3/4 cup