RedMoon Pet Food


About Us

We've been involved in the pet food industry since 1996, and intend to use our expertise and passion for healthy pets to make mediocre pet food a thing of the past.

Answering the need for a customizable pet food

Increasing incidents of food allergies and pet food recalls were all signs that it was far past time to provide dog and cat owners with a responsible, ethical and high quality pet food. We at RedMoon decided to respond to that need and created a completely new concept - A customer created pet food where pet owners created and tested the formulas we have today.

What does it mean to be a RedMoon 1337 pet food?

​​Its not easy becoming a RedMoon 1337 Pet Food. RedMoon 1337 is the result of a collaborative effort with our customers and their pets. To earn RedMoon 1337 status, the pet food must be created and selected by our customers 1337 times without negative feedback or issuing a refund. the number 1337 also represents the word Elite in computer code and further signifies the special class of the RedMoon 1337 brand. RedMoon 1337 pet food is created by our customers, for our customers. We already know your pets will love RedMoon 1337!

Our philosophy is in our name

The use of ‘RedMoon’ in our name is a tribute to the special meaning behind both the Harvest Moon and the Blood Moon. Whenever these full autumn moons are in the sky, a long period of darkness between sunset and moonrise doesn’t occur - meaning there’s more time and more light for farmers to harvest their crops and for hunters to track their prey.

We honour these moons by using only harvest-fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of real meat each time we craft a bag of premium pet food. Our RedMoon name symbolizes our commitment to creating optimal pet nutrition through fresh, functional, whole and high quality ingredients. That’s just one of the reasons our pet foods are different, Highly nutritious and delicious.

We’re pet owners too

While our formulas have been developed by PHDs in animal nutrition and a Natural Pet Nutritionist, none of that would matter if we as company founders didn’t understand what it means to love a companion animal. This understanding is why our products contain only the ingredients we feel confident feeding to our pets, and yours.