RedMoon Pet Food



Red Moon makes the list of Best Pet Foods!

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Give your pet the best!

We are proud to serve your pet the freshest pet food and we never compromise on ingredients.

  • We select only the healthiest, freshest ingredients
  • We use locally sourced meats such as chicken, lamb and highly nutritious liver
  • Raw fruits and vegetables
  • No corn, no wheat, no grain, no soy & no gluten
  • Added Prebiotics and Probiotics

110% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re so confident that you and your pet will love our food, we back it up with a no risk guarantee.

Why RedMoon

Our pet food was designed by a team of experts devoted to making a difference in the lives of pets and owners. Discover our philosophy, facility and exclusive approach to one size does not fit all pet nutrition.

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Are you a Groomer?

Groomers Club Elite is RedMoon's Professional Groomers Club. Read on to find out what we can offer you!

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Pet Treats

Our goal was to create a specialized Dog and Cat Treat company offering products that use only the freshest ingredients. My Little Lion and My Little Wolf pet treats are soft and delicious, lower calorie, and grain free!